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Earl M. Rodd

Assistant Professor of Computer Science
erodd@malone.edu 330-471-8546

  • B.A. Rice University - Chemical Engineering
  • M.ChE Rice University
  • Member Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Tau, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilon
  • 30 Years industry experience including:
    • Advanced course development
    • Instruction
    • Development of online delivery methods (1970's)
    • Network Systems Engineer working with very large banking networks
    • Lead technical architect for advanced electronic funds transfer switching
    • Technical lead for web based retail system
  • Areas of Interest:
    • Program Development in Enterprise (mainframe) systems
    • Development of web programming
    • Assembler language
    • LINUX systems
  • Textbooks
    • Operating Systems - Function and Theory
    • Principles of Computer Science II Using Java
    • Software Engineering - Topics for Computer Scientists
  • Other interests
    • Philosophy and practice of Christian home education (See fhc.rodd.us)
    • Creation science
    • Personality Assessment (See pasf.org)
  • Things I do for fun
    • Play tennis
    • Write letters to the editor
    • Read (mostly science, history, biography)
    • Cook
    • Vacation
  • Faith Background - See this paper written to explain to a friend my background.