Bible Reading Programs

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Note: These versions have Daniel and Ezekial read in a somewhat chronological order rather than sequentially. Also, the 2015 versions and newer have a slightly different order of reading books than the older versions.

About the Reading Schedules

Bible reading programs show Bible readings for every day. The program was computer generated to attempt to balance the number of words in each day's readings. This program has been refined through a number of years to meet varying needs of Bible readers. The goal is to encourage readers to read entire books of the Bible and ultimately the entire Bible in order to gain the perspective which comes only from a complete reading. For example, there are many things which the Bible, or a particular book of the Bible, clearly state which are not in any one, single verse. Also, some concepts are taught by their absence, and a reader cannot know that the Bible never says something without having read the entire Bible!

This program has these design traits:

Hints for Bible Readers